World Milk Day 2017 is now over! Here are some of the events that took place in celebration of the day.

World Milk Day Events

  • From May 27, 2017 03:37 until May 28, 2017 05:37

    Celebration of events for the World Milk Day aimed at consumers living in cities and who do not have opportunities to have a real experience with dairy cows and farms. Providing information about World Milk Day, and turning the World Milk Day into an annual event Improving the friendliness and the feeling of affinity for milk and for the dairy industry Promoting domestic milk consumption Celebrating a ceremony for the World Milk Day Sharing the information about raising cows and getting the milk, including feeding milk to calves or hay to cows, milking the cows, etc. Promoting Korean milk and dairy product consumption Proposing domestic milk and dairy products for sale Promoting milk friendliness by providing information about anti-dairy movements

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