World Milk Day 2017 is now over! Here are some of the events that took place in celebration of the day.

World Milk Day Events

  • Date: June 01, 2017 00:00
    Location: Kiev, Ukraine
    Themes: Nutrition

    Activities: -a photo-flesh mob challenge : member-farms, commercial partners, representatives of Ministry of Agriculture, international financial institutions in Ukraine etc. will picture themselves with their family members, colleagues or friends holding glasses with milk. They will pass the challenge to at least 5 of their colleagues or partners so that as many as possible opinion-leaders get involved in this initiative and promote milk and dairy products as an essential part of healthy nutrition and healthy living #WorldMilkDay #я_люблю_молоко #АВМ, #Всесвітній_день_молока_2017 – On June the 1st, Ukraine celebrates the International Childrens’ Day. The AMP will visit an orphanage in Uman town, where the headquarters of the AMP is located, with a milky present (a set of dairy products for each child) and an educational talk about milk. The biggest milk processing plants in Ukraine (Danon, Lactalis, Sandora, Lustdorf, Bell-Shostka, Molokia etc.) will join this initiative during June. The photos of such visits will be published on the official web-pages of AMP and partners and in the magazine Milk and Farm. – Excursions for school children to dairy farms will show the way of milk “from field to shelf”. The photo-reports of such visits will also be presented at official web-pages of AMP and in the magazine Milk and Farm.

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